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Published 8-29-17
Wyman H. Henderson
Eastham Unit + 2665 Prison Road 1 + Lovelady, TX 75851
I am a handsome American gay male with a nice physique.  I enjoy working
out, reading, and writing poetry.  I also like sports like football, the Cowboys,
Texans and Panthers.

I am very positive and I just have 10 hours left to complete my associates

I am in search of a friend first.  Your looks are unimportant, but integrity is a
must.  You must know how to keep it on the road.

Some of my likes are honest people who say what is on their mind, good
hygiene and feel good about themselves.  My dislikes are liars, racism, bad
hygiene and those who are selfish.

I am a good man that make a mistake.  I, like everyone else, am an imperfect
creature with human limitations and frailties.  I have overcome the effects of
my past experiences and mistakes by reassessing my perceptions and
reevaluating my interpretations of its influence.  Being drug free and able to
see clearly I control my feelings by changing the way I view and evaluate.  
Every day is a struggle as life goes on, but on the inside time stands still
and  our minds are deceived by the same view.  Our life has taken a mighty
blow and the world has hidden out freedom.

There are a lot of misconceptions about what we perceive.  Nothing comes
to a sleeper but a dream.  If nothing changes about you, then nothing
changes within you. Nothing is what you are looking for, then nothing is what
you will find.

I am from Austin, TX and was born on 7-22-64.  I am 6-foot-1, weigh 220 and
have brown eyes and am bald.  My star sign is Cancer and I am HIV/AIDS
negative and I do have tattoos.  I am serving time for aggravated sexual
assault.  I am into classic rock, R&B and a little country.