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Ronnie L. Howard  #1132840
P.O. Box 1900
Pound, VA  24279

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Virginia DOC

CRIMES:  Cocaine possession, grand larceny, breaking and entering
DOB:  7-4-73
HEIGHT:  6 feet        WEIGHT:  190        EYES:  Brown        HAIR:  Black
RACE:  Black
HOMETOWN:  Charlottesville, VA
WANTING TO WRITE:  Gay guys in U.S. and international
HIV/AIDS Negative
MUSIC INTEREST:  R&B, jazz, gospel, rap and more
OTHER INTEREST:  Drawing, working out, cooking, kissing

COMMENTARY:  I am a gay black male who is seeking a long-term relationship.  I am also open to any
friendships that may come my way.  i truly believe that a person's personality and the way they make you
feel is what should attract you.  I feel we limit ourselves when we judge people on their looks, body type or color.  I've been told that my best
attribute is making people comfortable, which allows them to be themselves.  I'll leave you with this:  You can never change what you tolerate,
so stop letting society determine who you should love and stop denying your happiness by living the way someone else want you to.  I'd much
rather be hated for who I am that like for who I am not.
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Wesley A. Cameron #16621-035
P.O. Box 1000
Petersburg, VA  23804

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Bureau of Prisons

CRIMES:  Child porn possession
DOB:  10-26-91
HEIGHT:  6-foot-3        WEIGHT:  273        EYES:  Blue        HAIR:  Red
RACE:  White
HOMETOWN:  Ashford, AL
WANTING TO WRITE:  Gay guys in U.S. and international
HIV/AIDS Negative
MUSIC INTEREST:  Country, classic rock, alternative
OTHER INTEREST:  Music, reading, working out, travel

COMMENTARY:  Good looking guy from SE Alabama looking for friend and more worldwide.  I love the
outdoors, hunting, fishing, travel, shopping, swimming. shooting pool, reading and listening to music.  I am
a great cook and I have a culinary arts degree.  I use to drive semi-trucks cross country to every state.  I have also worked on offshore oil
rigs.  I am honest, loyal and faithful.  I like to be upfront and honest and would give the shirt right off my back to anyone in need.  I am easy
going and get along with most everyone.  I a first-time offender and have never been in trouble.  I was give 15 years. Laws are changing and I
should be release in two to four years.  I don't judge others and get along with all.  Looking for friends that could lead to more.  Give me a
Published 2-13-17

Adam A. Wright  #1075332
1821 Estaline Valley Road
Craigsville, VA 24430

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Virginia DOC

CRIMES:  2nd degree homicide
DOB:  12-5-71
HEIGHT:  6-foot-3        WEIGHT:  228        EYES:  Brown        HAIR:  Bald
RACE:  Black
HOMETOWN:  Richmond, VA
WANTING TO WRITE:  Gay guys in U.S. and international
HIV/AIDS Negative
ZODIAC SIGN:  Sagittarius
MUSIC INTEREST:  Classic rock, R&B, pop, jazz
OTHER INTEREST:  Movies, volunteering, protesting, music, writing, being with friends

COMMENTARY:  I am an LGBT community member seeking like-minded individuals for correspondence
and friendship.  I ask that you do not judge me or let my incarceration keep us from getting to know one
another.  I am a former business owner from Baltimore, MD.  I am a compassionate, loyal, intelligent, devoted and supportive person.  I have
many interest and among them are sports, exercising, listing to music, creative literature, and movies..just to mention a few.  Since my
imprisonment I really am missing work, volunteering at the outreach program for LGBTs who are in transition, protesting, marching in gay pride
parades, traveling to events and having meaningful dialogue with my partner who is in transition and being there for workers and friends.  I
understand how overwhelming life can become at times and having someone to honestly talk to helps.  Please do not hesitate to write me at
the address above or by sending me email using  "We are each of us angels with only one wing and we can fly only by embracing
each other."`
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Damon L. Pierce  #1149068
P.O. Box 430
Dillwyn, VA 23936

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Virginia DOC

CRIMES:  Robbery, firearms, carjacking
DOB:  4-12-81
HEIGHT:  5-foot-5        WEIGHT:  200        EYES:  Brown        HAIR:  Bald
RACE:  Black
HOMETOWN:  Richmond, VA
WANTING TO WRITE:  Gay guys worldwide
HIV/AIDS Negative
MUSIC INTEREST:  R&B, hip hop, jazz
OTHER INTEREST:  Cutting hair, drawing, writing, lifting weights, boxing

COMMENTARY:  Hi guys!  I am on this site seeking friendship first because I believe that friendship is
the foundation of a great relationship.  I'm kind-hearted, very protective, loyal and always non-judgmental.
I'm athletic, an artist and I always leave room in my life to grow.  I desire to meet someone who is also
non-judgmental, open-minded, loyal and trustworthy.  I believe that life is a journey that we all must travel, but it can be a pleasant journey if
traveled with someone special.  I'm hoping to find that special person to travel this journey with.  If you feel that you are that person then
please write me so we can get acquainted.  I promise you that you won't regret it.