Published 3-21-15        Updated 10-1-16

Christopher D. Long  #04649-063
FCI #1 Annex
P.O. Box 1000
Butnew, NC 27509-4000

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Bureau of Prisons

CRIMES:  Money laundering, conspiracy to manufacture illegal drugs
DOB:  12-9-79
HEIGHT:  5-foot-7        WEIGHT:  149        EYES:  Blue        HAIR:  Blond
RACE:  White
WANTING TO WRITE:  All trans, gay and straight women and men
HIV/AIDS Negative
ZODIAC Sign:  Sagittarius
MUSIC INTEREST:  Alternative, classic rock, old "real" country

COMMENTARY:  Hi!  I am in transition to female and my chosen name is
Chrissee Love.  In addition to the physical attributes above, I have a small
waist, bubble butt highlighted by sandy blond hair. Now you have learned about my body, let me tell you a little of my best
mind.  I am very much into always expanding my mind with knowledge.  I believe that I am an open-minded person as I will always trying
something once, if for nothing more than the knowledge of the experience.  I love to read and study mostly fact-based things.  But I will
pick up a fantasy story from time to time. As for sexual orientation, I have none.  What I mean by that is I'm into all types of sexual
pleasures.  I'm just as open to sex as I am to anything else in life.  I am a lover of the pleasures of life. My favorite of everything in life
would be laughter.  I am a firm believer in the theory that each time we laugh we're given another day of a long and happy life.  What are
my dislikes?  I have only three [1] worry, [2] stress and [3] hatred.  I have yet to find any positive action resulting from any of those three
situations.  If God [if you believe in one] ever made a mistake, it was giving us those three frames of mind.  I am looking to write to anyone
who might enjoy an open-mind, easy-to-talk-to-person who has nothing but time to listen and write. I do not need anything in return other
than your friendship.  If this is you, then please write to me. You never know we may be the one to give the other new understanding.  
Always remember life is simply yours for the taking.
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Brandon W. Nelson  #16818866
82911 Beach Access Road
Umatilla, OR 97882

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Oregon DOC

CRIMES:  Sexual offense 3rd degree
DOB:  9-18-84
HEIGHT:  6-foot-1        WEIGHT:  200        EYES:  Blue        HAIR:  Brown
RACE:  White
WANTING TO WRITE:  Gay and straight guys and gals
HIV/AIDS negative
MUSIC INTEREST:  Rap, rock, country, horrorcore
OTHER INTEREST:  Art, the outdoors, music, writing letters, hair, nails, makeup

COMMENTARY:  Hi!  My name is Brandy and I am a transwoman looking for friendship or a
relationship.  I'm open to whatever may come my way.  I am non-judgmental, caring, sweet,
understanding and can be somewhat naughty.  I've been in prison for roughly 10 years and I want to move forward with my life and my
transitioning.  I want to find good friends and that special someone looking for like things.  I love to write letters and answer any I receive. I
also enjoy drawing.  I have many other interests so write to me to find out more.
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Published 9-27-17

Daniel C. Loos  #13783862
82911 Beach Access Road
Umatilla, OR 97882

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Oregon DOC

CRIMES:  Probation violation, rape
DOB:  3-10-86
HEIGHT:  6-foot-6        WEIGHT:  230        EYES:  Blue`        HAIR:  Brown
RACE:  White
HOMETOWN:  McMinville, OR
WANTING TO WRITE:  Gay and trans worldwide
HIV/AIDS Negative
MUSIC INTEREST:  Hip hop, R&B, some country
OTHER INTEREST:  Photography, writing

COMMENTARY:  i go by Daniella because I am a transgender woman.  I enjoy photography, writing,
nature, camping, hiking, swimming and more.  I am one with the Earth.  My favorite food are Chinese,
seafood and Italian.  I am into Pagan/Wicca.  I enjoy Dungeons & Dragons and video games.  My
motives for being on this site are to reach out and find good supportive friends and, perhaps, a possible relationship.  I am into
skinny-toned white guys that are in their 20s for a relationship; but will take anyone of any race or age as a friend.  My current
incarceration stems back to when I was in my youth.  I am serving out the last two years of my probation in prison on that case. Wisdom is
the key to life.  I look forward to meeting new friends soon.