Published 3-5-17
Updated  9-27-17
Allred Unit + 2101 FM 369 N.
Iowa Park, TX  76367
Greetings!  I am at a time in my life when I am mentally down in the
dumps.  In my opinion, we could all be incarcerated at some point in
life.  Stuff happens and we live and learn from those experiences.  One
I've been gay since I was 12.  In two years I will be walking out of the
gates of this prison. i am here under an aggravated robbery charge.  I
still have a lot of life ahead of me.  I am looking to write to guys not
interested in handing out head games or bullshit.  Life is too short for
that juvenile activity.

I work on my mind and body everyday to better myself so that I am
ready when I am released.  

I am big into collecting photos of male models and porn stars.  I just
added video pornography to it.  Just being real for you!  The same I
expect you to be with me.  

I plan to start two of my own businesses when I get out:  photography
and computer consulting.

I'm in administrative segregation had have been going on five years
now.  That means I have zero physical contact with others. I am in my
cell 23-24 hours, 7 days a week so I pass the time by reading.  I
escaped three times so that makes me a risk.  Besides reading, I also
work out, study and write.

I get really lonely very often.  You write me, I write you back; it is that

I was born on 2-25-87 and am from The Woodlands, TX.  I am 5-foot-7,
weigh 150 and have hazel eyes and blond hair. I am HIV/AIDS negative.

I look forward to hearing from you guys.  Write me today.
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