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Samuel A. Belton
Published 8-28-17
HDSP + P.O. Box 650 + Indian Springs, NV 89070
I open this commentary with high hopes of finding a good and loyal
friend.  And it would be great in due time that our friendship could
be more.

I am a great guy and friend to everyone and I am very loyal.  I only
have had a few boyfriends, so I am in need of someone with whom to
share the gay lifestyle.  I have no family support when I told the
family I am gay.  I have no friends in prison because the cons don't
like LGBT people.

I've been behind bars since I was 19 years old and it has been hard
growing up in this place.

I am very romantic.

I have five years left on my sentence.  I get no visitors, no mail and
no telephone calls.  I have lots to offer that special guy and I'm
asking for a chance for you to get to know me.  You will find that I
am very open-minded.

I am looking for a true, good and loyal pen pal, or more.  Someone
who can relate to me.  I hope that you find me interesting enough to
write to me.

I am originally from Chicago, IL and was born on 8-5-89.  I am a Leo
who is HIV/AIDS negative and I do have tattoos.  I like R&B and rap
music.  I enjoy reading, working out, music and writing books.

I am in prison serving time for assault with a deadly weapon and