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Roderick A. Brooks
Estelle Unit + 264 FM 3478 + Huntsville, TX  77320
Loyalty is everything with me, but something that lacked in the people with
which I surrounded myself.

It's funny how when a person is in prison you can hardly find
a loyal friend.  But drop dead and everyone is your best friend.

I'm a very honest person and that is a main quality for a relationship.  A
relationship with love, friendship and loyalty.  My childhood was cut sort
because I had
to help provide for my family so we didn't have to go without.

I am an optimist despite the fact I didn't get to choose with my first encounter.

I'm looking for new friends to get acquainted with the LGBT community and
to find a lover with whom to spend the rest of my life with.  I have brown eyes
and black hair.

I am here on aggravated assault and aggravated robbery charges.  I was
born 11-11-84, am 5-foot-7, weigh 204 and I do have tattoos.  I am a Scorpio
who is HIV/AIDS negative.  I am into rap, R&B and pop.

I enjoy reading, dressing up and TV with such shows as 48 Hours, NCIS and