ROBERT J. HOWARD  #01783016
STILES UNIT + 3020 FM 3514
Published 4-15-18
Amazing that what I desire and am looking for seems to be hard
for someone to give: marriage, love, a best friend,
companionship, devotion, honesty, passion, dedication, loyalty,
faithfulness and time.

A real relationship.

The separation by walls can't and won't dictate my journey to
obtain love.  Someone whom I can begin to understand, love
and live for.  I've experienced a lot, been through much, tried to
accommodate two different lifestyles and I'm not content nor
am I happy. I laugh, smiles and open my big heart, but I'm
empty inside.

Most of my family has passed while I was a child. Friends
abandoned me  and damaged my outlook on finding out what
exactly does a true friend consist of.  I've come to the
conclusion that I deprive myself from searching and finding it.  
I'm living to a certain extent without a cause.

I'm from Houston and was a male entertainer [stripper] and
dance choreographer.  That was my passion outside of art and
photography.  I love to draw, music, reading, sports, animals
and knowledge.  

Even if I can't find someone who's looking for what I am; I am
an awesome friend.  I may not have much, but my heart is
authentic and genuine.  I'm open to all and humbly present
myself.  Those are 2 of my drawings to the left.

I am in prison on a drug and a sex charge.  I was born Aug. 31,
1981 and am a Virgo.  I am 6-foot-5 and weight 240.  I am
HIV/AIDS positive and I do have tattoos.