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HDSP + P.O. Box 650 + Indian Springs, NV 89070
Hi guys!

looking for someone who can see past my current circumstances and begin
a new journey with me.

I am new to this so please bare with me as I do my best.

I am in search of something new and exciting.  I pride myself on being open
and honest and hope to find someone who is like-minded.  I appreciate the
values of friendship and communication.

I enjoy cooking, exercising, travel, movies and find joy in surrounding myself
with people I care about and putting smiles on their faces.

You will find that I am positive, energetic and a hopeless romantic.

I am in prison under charges of robbery and use of a deadly weapon.  My
birth date is 11-19-85 and I am 5-foot-6 and weigh 190.  I have hazel eyes
and brown hair.  I am a Scorpio who is HIV/AIDS negative and I do have
tattoos.  I am into rap, rock and R&B.  

I will write to guys from anywhere around the globe.  I look forward to this
new adventure and conversing with someone I could possibly build
something with.  If not, we could each others' time.