Published 5-19-17
Clements Unit + 9601 Spur 591
Amarillo, TX  79107-9606
Hi there!  My name is Lucky and I'm a gay black male..

I'm lonely and need a friend.  I'm open to all ages and races.  I am versatile
which mean I can be a top or bottom and I enjoy both.

I'm the type of person you can be who you are around and feel comfortable.

I like to read empowering books. I am also an emerging entrepreneur.  I'm
love-inspiring and friendship making.

I promise to be the best friend I can possibly be and promise to do my best
to ensure that you are happy and satisfied.  I am an artful listener.

I would like to offer you real ope, emotional fulfillment, comfort and stimulating
intellectual intercourse.

I caught my crimes -- attempted sexual assault, robbery -- in Arlington, TX,
but my hometown is Waco.  My birth date is 1-2-79 and I am 5-foot-7 and
weight 150.  I am a Capricorn who is HIV/AIDS negative and I do have
tattoos.  I like R&B, rock and roll and symphony.  I also like tennis, bowling,
sex and reading empowering books.

I am really looking forward to hear from you.  Write me today.
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