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Published 8-22-17        Updated
I would like to find someone who is both understanding and not

I am looked down on not only because of my sex and kidnapping
charges, but also because of who I am.

There is an inconsiderable amount of men I'm able to open up with
and not be taken advantage of.  So if you enjoy listening and would
like to be that friend I welcome you.  I have come to enjoy writing and
have become an even better listener.  If you enjoy one or both then I
look forward to soon receiving a letter from you.

I enjoy doing art work and I taught myself.  If you have the same love
for art work as I have then I would like to share some with you one
day.  I also like reading biographic and autobiographic books.

I am not the type of guy that is looking for trouble.  I keep myself to
myself in here as best I can.

I am a Hispanic originally from Pasadena, TX and I was born on
4-1-69.  I am 5-foot-10, weigh 190 and have brown eyes and
salt-pepper hair.

Country and old rock are my favorite music.  I am an Aries who is
HIV/AIDS negative and I do have tattoos.