Todd Jarvis  #1280922
P.O. Box 39
Maury, NC 28557

See him also at
North Carolina DOC

CRIMES:  Burglary, arson, liberties with minor, 2nd degree sex offense
DOB:  4-10-84
HEIGHT:  6-foot-2        WEIGHT:  300                EYES:  Hazel        HAIR:  Bald
RACE:  White
HOMETOWN:  Washington, NC
WANTING TO WRITE:  Gay guys in U.S. and international
HIV/AIDS Negative
MUSIC INTEREST:  Country, classic rock, some new pop and rock
OTHER INTEREST:  Reading mystery and suspense novels, travel, great food experiences

COMMENTARY:  I am a friendly and easy-going guy.  In prison I read a lot of mystery novels and magazines
to occupy my time.  I'm currently taking a residential electrical wiring course through a community college.
Prior to that I was press operator at the Correction Enterprise printing plant.  As you can imagine there are not many openly gay guys in
prison.  I am open but people are intimidated by my size despite me being a nice guy.  I'm a big guy, but a pretty solid one.  I'd love to write to
you and relate to people like me.  I was previously married but am no longer.  I have two children.  I love to travel, eat in good restaurants
serving good food, drink good bourbon and my favorite cocktail is Long Island Ice Tea.  I love grilling at home and vacationing on the Carolina
beaches or the Tennessee mountains.  I've traveled the East Coast from Canada to Orlando, FL., went to Las Vegas twice and I'd love to see
California and San Francisco.  I should be released from custody in September, 2019.   I'm quite sexual, but not here in prison.  I'm looking for
friendship, companionship and entertaining conversation.  I always write back and try to be interesting.   
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