Nicholas L. Simpson
KSP + 266 Water Street
Eddyville, KY 42038
Published 3-5-16
Updated 8-23-17

Don't miss out on the opportunity to get to know a young and intelligent white man.  My name
Is Nicholas, but my friends call me Nick.  I am from Louisville, KY, but I hope to see the rest of
the world one day.  I am 5-foot-10 and weigh 175.  I have green eyes and blond hair.  I am
eligible for parole in September 2016.  I'm 27 but am way beyond my years.  

I don't do childish games.  I try to make the best of every situation and give off a positive vibe.  
I like music, playing basketball, working out, the outdoors and travel.

When I get out I intend to pursue a career in real estate.  I've always been interested in houses
and look forward to a career in that field.  I want to find that special someone that I can give my
heart and my mind.  

I am real big on loyalty, honesty and respect.  Those elements make up a relationship.  
Another step is good communication.

I've been in prison for almost nine years under burglary, assault, evidence tampering and
controlled substance charges.   I was born on 12-20-88 and have green eyes.  I am a
Sagittarius who is HIV/AIDS negative and has no tattoos.  I like R&B, pop and classic rock.  I
like working out, playing basketball and listening to music.

I hope you can look past my old mistakes because everyone deserves a second chance.  If
you give me the opportunity to show you that there is more to me than my past you will find
that you won't regret your choice.  Thank you for your time.

When you write to me DO NOT USE stickers containing your return address because the
stickers are removed before I get your letter and I won't have a return address to write back to
you.  So hand write your address on the envelope and also on the letter.