Published 12-10-16
Updated  9-27-17
SRCI + 777 Stanton Blvd.
Ontario, OR 97914
While being cast out of society I have utilized my time as a reflective period --
learning  from my past mistakes, expanding my mind and preparing for a better day.

Truth be told, I feel as if I've been cursed since birth because for the most part all I
have ever know has been hard knocks and struggles.  At present I've quite literally
lost most everything -- all my so-called friends, my youthful dreams, opportunities
and so much more.  Most days in here I find it nearly impossible to conjure up a
single valid reason to go on living.

But despite all the negative vibes I still cling stubbornly to hope!

My heart is so big that it can hardly fit in my, obviously, I've got lots of love
to give [wink-smile].  I'd like to be given the chance to develop a bond of meaningful
friendship.  I have a great deal to offer another person.  I'm down-to-Earth,
understanding, attentive, non-judgmental, loyal, selfless and not overly needful or
demanding.  I am an artist, inventor, writer, poet, chef, bodybuilder, personal trainer,
book worm and I like to bring about smiles.

I am from Portland, OR and was born on 7-5-80.  I am 5-foot-8, weigh 185 and have
brown hair and eyes.  My star sign is Cancer, I am HIV/AIDS negative and I don't
have tattoos.  I am into R&B, classic 80s rock, country, rap and dance hall music.
I am serving time for escape, weapons possession, robbery and kidnapping.

I hope to attract at least one potential pen pal.