Published 9-17-17
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Hughes Unit + Rt. 2 Box 4400
Gatesville, TX  76597
My friends call me Alex.  I am 26 years young and you will find I am very down-to-Earth
and a sociable person. I am also very outgoing and high-spirited.

I am a single father and me and my daughter have a very special bond.  She is a daddy's

The sole purpose for me being on this site is that I am a very sociable person.  I love
meeting new people and I would like to find a guy that I can connect with on a neutral
level.  Nothing serious, but something real and authentic.

I have a love for music and art.  I enjoy people with a sense of style and I like to surround
myself with people that express themselves through style.  

The type of guy I would look for would be educated, open-minded, non-judgmental, stylish
and strong minded.  A guy who strives to get the best out of life, enjoys the small things,
but also achieves goals and never stops pushing himself to next level.  I am versatile
when it comes to sex.

I am serving a short sentence of four years for burglary and a drug charge. I will be
eligible for a parole hearing 10-20-17.  Either way I am halfway through my sentence.

It is hard being locked up away from family and loved ones.  But I am turning a negative
into a positive and I will make the best of my time in here.  

I am very active and into fitness, art and studying philosophy, religion, psychology and
cosmetology.  When I am free I want to be a hair stylist and working while attending
school.  I am very focused and determined to make the best of life for my daughter and

I was born 3-31-91 and my hometown is San Antonio, TX.  I am 5-foot-11, weight 165
and have brown eyes and black hair.  I am an Aries who is HIV/AIDS negative and I do
have tattoos.

I hope to get letters from people trying to make the best of their life just as I am doing.