Published 12-12-16
Updated 10-11-17
Mario J. Quevedo
LCC + 1200 Prison Road
Lovelock, NV 89419
With open arms I come to your world of acceptance.  I will be in prison until
8-13-18 and times get lonely behind these walls.

I crave an eager ear for conversation or possibly more.  We can brighter each
others day with laughter and encouragement.  Tell me about your good and rainy
days.  What do you do during your free time?  How is life treating you?  It can't be
too bad because you are reading this.  Your age, race or weight don't matter
because there's a sit for every saddle.

I want you to open your inner self, who you really are.  I am 30 years old Capricorn
and my picture explains the res.  I have an open mind and I am nonjudgmental and
curious.  Don't be shy about asking me questions because you deserve to know. I
appreciate your precious time you've taken out of your busy day to visit with me

If you decide to send me your photograph the prison mail room requires you place
on its backside my name and prison number.

I hail from South Lake Tahoe, CA., and was born on 1-10-87.  I am 5-foot-6,
weighs 170 and I have brown eyes and hair.  I am a Capricorn who is HIV/AIDS
negative.  I am into a little bit of everything when it comes to music.  I also like
sports and the outdoors.

I am behind bars on a drug trafficking charge.
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