Published 12-12-16
Updated 7-4-17
Mario J. Quevedo
LCC + 1200 Prison Road
Lovelock, NV 89419
My arms are open to you for your time.

I am a Capricorn who is a mixture of Mexican and White.  I have plenty of tattoos
even though they hurt.  I get out of prison in 2018 and while still here I am seeking a
pen pal, or perhaps more.

Committing to a relationship has to be meaningful.  After all neither I, nor you, wish
to end up in a dead end street relationship.

I am easy going, simple, curious and independent.  Not sure of what I'm searching,
but maybe you can help me with that.  You are only a stamp away to find a loyal
friend, which is hard these days, or your destiny of a lifetime.  If you send a picture
please put my name and DOC number on the back to ensure I receive it.

I'm not judgmental because we all have our own flaws. I will write to anyone from
anywhere regardless of your age, race, etc.  True beauty is within a person. Don't
be shy because that gets us nowhere.

I hail from South Lake Tahoe, CA., and was born on 1-10-87.  I am 5-foot-6,
weighs 170 and I have brown eyes and hair.  I am a Capricorn who is HIV/AIDS
negative.  I am into a little bit of everything when it comes to music.  I also like
sports and the outdoors.

I am behind bars on a drug trafficking charge.
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