Published 7-22-16
Updated  12-4-17
Hello!  My name is Chloe Rose and you can feel free to call me Rose
because all my friends do.  But when you send me mail best to use my male
name so as not to confuse the prison mail room people. I've always known I
was a woman on the inside, yet expected to act like a man has always been

It wasn't until after my ada died that I came out to my family.  I regret not
being honest with him because I realize now he would have loved me
regardless.  What I don't regret are my three children.  They have been a
part of my life for more than 20 years.  I have a brother and two sisters.  We
were all born in Colorado but raised in Missouri where my mother still
resides.  She and my niece are my biggest supporters.

I am interested in writing to gay and straight me, other transdender and

I try to stay busy as well as working to improve my life since coming to
prison on a charge of attempted sexual assault on a minor.  I pray only that
you give me a chance.  I am working hard to turn around my life.  I have
completed the School of Christ and The Institute of Basic Life Principals.  I
am now i a residential program for mentally ill inmates.  I was diagnosed
with borderline personality disorder, persistent depression and gender
dysphoria.  Between medication and counseling I am learning to control my
symptoms.  This program will prepare me for the next and more intense
offense specific treatment.  I want to eventually pursue a psychology

I am 5-foot-9, weigh 230 and have brown eyes and black hair with a touch
of gray.  My star sign is Pisces.  I am HIV/AIDS negative and I have no
tattoos.  My birth date is 2-20-72 and my hometown is Chillicothe, MO.

My hope is to make friends with similar interests.  Of special interest would
be those who can offer emotion support as well as guidance as I continue
my transitional journey.   I have completed the residential mental health
program in January and I am about to start the sex offender treatment
program which I am looking forward to.  I really enjoy my job of working in
the prison library.
FCF HY 8-2S-08
P.O. Box 999
Canon City, CO 81215-0999