Published 5-20-17
Updated  2-23-18
Justice F. Manson
Allred Unit + 2101 FM 369 North
Iowa Park, TX  76367
Hello world!  My name is J, but everyone calls me Chocolate.  I am a 5-foot-8 gay guy with big
brown eyes, and soft and smooth dark skin.  I'm 150 pounds with an athletic build.  Don't believer
the hype though, all Africans are not hung like horses because I am only 6.5 cut.  I am an athletic
competitor, but I am also a nerd.  Please don't let my crimes repulse you because I am not a
monster.  There's more to that story.

I am, however, a people person.  My biggest asset is my personality.  That's what ugly people
say -- but I think I am an exception :))  You can say that what I'm looking for in others --
personality.  I am looking to write to someone like me -- compassionate, open-minded,
kind-hearted, thoughtful and adventurous.  I like to joke, play, laugh and have a good time.  I'm
incredibly silly, but don't be fooled.  I am also capable of deep thought and philosophical
discourse.  Being gay is far from easy and especially so in a Texas prison.  I've been the target
of rape, extortion and violence.  This place is incredibly lonely and cold, but I struggle each day
to have a positive outlook.  I will not give up, not give in!  

I am a hopeless romantic, but what I crave most is simply someone to talk to.  We can talk about
sports, love and life.  We can gossip about crazy exes or share kinky stories.  We can talk about
anything as long as we talk.  All I ask is that you are honest with me and accept me as I am
because I will do the same.  I enjoy all types of music, astrology, travel, martial arts, wildlife,
movies, cooking, extreme sports and photography are a few of my interests.  

I am here under charges of child aggravated sexual assault and indecency with a child.  I am
from Houston, TX and was born on 12-17-78.  I weigh 155 and have brown eyes and black hair.
I am a Sagittarius who has no tattoos and is HIV/AIDS negative.  I will write to anyone from
anywhere on the globe.  If you use to send me email make sure you include your snail
made address in the body of the email.  I will write back to everyone who writes to me.
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