Published 11-6-2016
Updated  12-18-17
FTC + P.O. Box 898801
Okilahoma City, OK  73189
Hi!  I am Joshua and it's a pleasure to meet you.  That you so much for checking out my page

You will find that I have a good sense of humor, very open-minded and a guy with a warm heart.  

I'm looking for someone to be my friend.  Maybe more if it progresses to that point.  I'm leaving all
options open .  I would prefer someone who is honest as well as compassionate and not judgmental.

I have been incarcerated for eight years, but I will be released in seven months.  I'm from eastern
Oklahoma.  I have two sons who are 12 and 13.

If you believe you may be interested in getting to know a genuine and sincere man, then don't
hesitate to write me and tell me about yourself.

I am originally from Webbers Falls, OK and am in prison on a bank robbery charge.  My birth date
is 9-29-1985.  I am 6-foot-5, weigh 250 and have hazel eyes and brown hair.  I am a Libra who is
HIV/AIDS negative and I do have tattoos.  I am into classic country, R&B, 90s rock and Frank
Sinatra.  Besides writing I also enjoy reading and working out.

It would be a great pleasure to hear all about you, your days, your interests. Please tell me more
about you. Thank you for checking out my page.