Published 8-30-17
Johnny A. Fecteau
MCC + P.O. Box 777 + Monroe, WA 98272
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You will find that I am adventurous, outgoing, kind and
funny.  I grew up like most people, but I just went afoul as a
youth.  I've battled my own shortcomings but I've grown to
accept the resulting lessons.

I'm doing time for a bout with rock bottom stage addiction to
street drugs.  I am presently working on my education and
self-improvement.  I am pretty philosophically spiritual and
believe positive things begets positive action and leads to a
healthier environmental living space and social circle.

My dream is to be a homeless youth advocate and outreach
worker for a non-profit LGBTQ youth drop-in center for street
kids. I've been one of those kids.  I hope to share my story
through working in such a facility so that those kids know that
no one is alone even when the outlook is dismal.

One of the things I would like to do is travel the U.S. in a
converted school bus stopping along the way for great food,
cultural diversity and festivals of all types.

I'm looking for my soul mate.  You know, the person that will
be my life partner.  I ask this that person be honest, drug
free, outdoorsy, imperfect, goofy, open-minded, artistic,
musically interested, free thinking and being OK with himself.

Oh, check out my poetry at the links to the right.

I am from Bellingham, WA and was born on 5-15-92.  I am
5-foot-11, weigh 220 and have hazel eyes and brown hair.
I am a Taurus who is HIV/AIDS negative and I do have
tattoos. I am into 60s-90s classic rock.   I am serving time for
robbery and assault charges.