Published 9-5-16
Updated  6-24-17
Joel R. Alexander
MCC - TRU + P O Box 888
Monroe, WA  98272-0888
Hello!  Please don't leave yet! :)  You know my name, the only alias I use is AJ to
on this blog.  The blog is associated with Cornerstone Ministries
Otherwise I prefer Joel given to me by the most special woman in my life, my

After raising two boys on her own, I've displayed my gratitude by landing myself
in prison for a second time; this time for life under a attempted rape charge, yet  
my mom has never wavered.

I've made my share of poor choices, yet a rare few have remained by my side
showing me what true love looks like.  It's due to that example that I, rather than
waste my life in here, have chosen to begin a ministry to help others and,
hopefully, keeping them from landing back in here as I have.

I am a Christian and I am gay and single.  I don't imagine someone would want to
forfeit their life to be with me...but one can always hope. Right?

I am a compassionate and laid back guy who simply wants to feel loved.  
Loneliness is always a worry as a gay man in prison and sometimes those
feelings can be crippling.  I do my best though to remain positive and to create a
positive environment around me.  I am interested in writing gay and straight men
and women.

I'd love to share more and, more importantly, be a listening ear for you.  I
promise that you won't be disappointed by giving me a chance.  I will respond to
all who take the time to write to me.  You can also use to send email.

My birth date is 2-18-77 and my hometown is Snohomish, WA.  I am 6-foot-2,
weigh 225 and have hazel eyes and blond hair.  I am an Aquarius who is
HIV/AIDS negative and who has no tattoos.  I am into R&B, hip hop, country,
alternative and Christian music.  I like motorsports, football, hockey, soccer, and
water and snow activities.