Published 4-17-18     
Connally Unit + 899 FM 632
Kenedy, TX  78119
I am new to this environment.  I have had many relationships with the opposite sex that
did not work ou8t.  I think this could be why I am a very open-minded person who is
trying to find a sense of purpose and happiness.  Being in prison strips you of all of
those things that you one thought you had and I have never tried this, but this might be
my sense of purpose and happiness that I have been longing for for way too long.

I want to meet people with who I can have conversations with that doesn't involve
prison.  I want to see if this is who I am and help me find the real me.  Please be patient
with me and let me open up to you before you throw me away.

I have a wide selection of interest that range from reading, working out, sports, cooking,
meeting new people and socializing.  

I sincerely believe being gay is who I am, but I'm looking for a friend, or friends, who can
help me and have the experience to guide me in this journey and pursuit of happiness.  
You will find that I have a huge heart and that I have a great sense of humor.  I try to
find the good in every situation.  If you will please give me a chance at friendship it
would be great to open up to someone who won't make my life a living hell.

I'm tired of not knowing and you can be the one to guide me.

I am from Amarillo and I am serving time for burglary, drug charges and forgery.  I was
born on 6-1-90 and am a Gemini who is HIV/AIDS negative.  I do have tattoos along with
brown eyes and hair.  

I am interested in writing to gay guys worldwide.  Thank you for visiting me and I look
forward to hearing from you.