Jeremy D. Craft  #1626852
Clements Unit
9610 Spur 591 + Amarillo, TX 79107
Published: 9-5-14           Updated: 3-17-18
Attention all submissives, bottoms, transgender and closeted gays...hear me!

Are you tired of being alone or feeling alone?  Are you tired of feeling misunderstood?  Or are you simply tired of hiding your true self and
only need someone to talk to.  If you've said yes to each question then I want you to know that you've found me and I've found you at the
right time.

I won't promise to change your life, but I will guarantee to make you happy while stimulating your mind, body and soul.

Our journey in life was never intended nor promised to be easy.  Sometimes as we go along in life we will encounter difficult trials and
uncertainties.  But as we go we'll soon discover that there some things and choices that we simply can't make alone.  That's when we
realize that we need a strong shoulder to lean on and a trusted hand to hold.  I want you to know that I'm more than willing to travel with
you on your journey if you'll allow me to with no strings attached.

Do you seek to be dominated?  Do you seek guidance?  Perhaps you are only in search of good conversation. I seriously seek someone
who'll submit and obey.  I need someone who doesn't have a problem with obeying commands.  I also seek someone who is a part of the
BDSM scene or who is curious and wants to know more.  I plan to take you places you've never been before.  I also plan to touch your

You'll think about me while you're asleep.  You'll think about me while you shower.  You'll also be satisfied mentally and emotionally.  All
you have to do is stop wasting time and drop your daddy a line and share your thoughts.  No more childish games.  Unwrap me as you
would a gift ... arousing your interest to the point of pursuit.  What are you waiting for?  Allow yourself to be the butterfly caught in my net.