Jeremy D. Craft  #1626852
Clements Unit
9610 Spur 591 + Amarillo, TX 79107
Published: 9-5-14           Updated: 10-18-17
Attention all submissives, bottoms, transgender and closeted gays...hear me out!  

I reach out to you in search of someone who is honest, freaky, caring, understanding and compassionate.  I also seek someone who
doesn't have a problem with obeying.

It gets lonely in this place sometimes and when I say that I crave a little mental stimulation, it is a huge understatement.  I can't give you
the world, but I can and I will make you happy.  I will satisfy you mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  I will stimulate your mind, body and
soul.  Also, I will make you think about me while you are awake and sleeping.  Even when you are in the shower!

I don't want anything from you but mental and emotional support.  I need you to walk with me on this long, lonely and complicated
journey.  I also need you to take a blind leap of faith we me.  Like I said, I can't change the wrongs in your life, but I can change your life.  
What to you have to loose?

No, I don't have much to offer at the moment, but I'm more than willing to offer you my heart, my mind and my time for a small portion of
you time.  If you have a secret fetish then I can handle that.  If you want to be love, held and cherished I can also take care of that.  You
just have to meet me halfway with your open heart.  I haven't had much luck with this pen pal stuff, but I'm convinced that what I seek is
out there for me.

If you seek mental stimulation, reach out to me.  If you see to be dominated and mind fucked...reach out to me.  If you are alone and
simply need someone to talk to then drop me a line.  Because after all if we weren't put here to help each other why are we here anyway?