Published 11-6-16        Updated 2-7-17

James E. Stringer  #B89710
P.O. Box 129
East St. Louis, IL  62203

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Illinois DOC

CRIMES:  2 counts burglary, 2 counts theft
DOB:  4-5-85
HEIGHT:  5-foot-9        WEIGHT:  190        EYES:  Blue        HAIR:  Red
RACE:  White
WANTING TO WRITE:  Gay guys in U.S.
HIV/AIDS Negative
MUSIC INTEREST:  90s country, rock
OTHER INTEREST:  Working on cars, hunting, driving, relaxing

COMMENTARY:  I am the middle child of five -- 2 older sisters and two younger brothers.  I'm originally
from Colorado, but I have lived in Illinois for about the past 12 years.  I've been locked up for two years
and before that I worked in the coal mining industry.  I love to go out driving, love being in the mountains and like cars and relaxing by fire.  I
am just about down for anything.  Your letter could be the first in two years.  I would love to read it and to get to know more about you.  In my
heart there is no question, just a love that needs protection.  You are no mere piece in some collection.  We have a bond, a true connection. I
will be released in early March and am trying to make contacts before I land.  I'll be going back to southern Illinois,  Please send me a letter so I
can contact you.  It's time to start my life over and would you like to be part of it?
Published 12-19-16        12-28-17

Shannon L. Logan  #19606-026
P.O. Box 5000
Pekin, IL 61555

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Bureau of Prisons

CRIMES:  Receiving, possession and distribution of controlled drugs
DOB:  2-6-79
HEIGHT:  6 feet        WEIGHT:  200        EYES:  Brown        HAIR:  Brown
RACE:  White
WANTING TO WRITE:  Gay guys in U.S. and international
HIV/AIDS Negative
ZODIAC SIGN:  Aquarius
MUSIC INTEREST:  Gospel, country, R&B, rap, rock, club
OTHER INTEREST:  NASCAR, WWE, St. Louis Cardinals, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

COMMENTARY:  Hello guys!  First, I would like to thank you for taking your time to view my listing and
photograph as I am sure there are many to choose from.   My name is Shannon but my closest friend
call me Shan-Lo.  I am 37 years old.  I am very soft-spoken, but will speak my mind when needed.  I am an outgoing and genuine person who
enjoys the outdoors.  My hobbies consist of watching NASCAR and the teams listed above.  My favorite team is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  I
am searching for a friend, or more, with whom I can correspond.  You will find that I am non-judgmental, loyal and passionate about life and
love.  It is my belief that every person deserves a true friend.  Your looks does not matter and I feel a person's true beauty lies within.  I hope
that we are able to get to know one another.
Published 2-26-17

Kenneth M. Shief  #K66615
P.O. Box 711
Menard, IL 62259

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Illinois DOC

CRIMES:  Aggravated criminal sexual assault using weapon
DOB:  4-19-78
HEIGHT:  6-foot-1        WEIGHT:  195        EYES:  Brown        HAIR:  Black
RACE:  Black
HOMETOWN:  Chicago, IL
WANTING TO WRITE:  Gay guys in U.S. and international
HIV/AIDS Negative

COMMENTARY:  I am a 38-year-old single black male from Chicago.  I enjoy reading, writing, learning,
working out, listening to music, laughing, having a good time and making new friends.  Despite life's ups
and downs, I keep a positive attitude and remain optimistic.  We only live once, so I believe it's important to maximize the opportunities and
experiences life has to offer, one of the most important being that of genuine friendship.  I divide my days by doing the things I enjoy.  I spend
a large portion of my time working on a book.  I am also trying to get something going with my legal situation, though I'm physically inside a cell
and recognize my reality for what it is.  I do my best to mentally escape this bleak environment through my creative writing.  Now, however, I
would like to expand my little world by meeting people and making friends.  From all over, all walks of life, including yours, which is why I've
decided to post this listing.  I am open minded and have no specific expectations with this.  Though I hope to make a great friends, I am also
open to learning and sharing my experiences through an insider's perspective on prison life.  I hope you decide to contact me and I look
forward to hearing from you soon.
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