Published 12-19-16        12-28-17

Shannon L. Logan  #19606-026
P.O. Box 5000
Pekin, IL 61555

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Bureau of Prisons

CRIMES:  Receiving, possession and distribution of controlled drugs
DOB:  2-6-79
HEIGHT:  6 feet        WEIGHT:  200        EYES:  Brown        HAIR:  Brown
RACE:  White
WANTING TO WRITE:  Gay guys in U.S. and international
HIV/AIDS Negative
ZODIAC SIGN:  Aquarius
MUSIC INTEREST:  Gospel, country, R&B, rap, rock, club
OTHER INTEREST:  NASCAR, WWE, St. Louis Cardinals, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

COMMENTARY:  Hello guys!  First, I would like to thank you for taking your time to view my listing and
photograph as I am sure there are many to choose from.   My name is Shannon but my closest friend
call me Shan-Lo.  I am 37 years old.  I am very soft-spoken, but will speak my mind when needed.  I am an outgoing and genuine person who
enjoys the outdoors.  My hobbies consist of watching NASCAR and the teams listed above.  My favorite team is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  I
am searching for a friend, or more, with whom I can correspond.  You will find that I am non-judgmental, loyal and passionate about life and
love.  It is my belief that every person deserves a true friend.  Your looks does not matter and I feel a person's true beauty lies within.  I hope
that we are able to get to know one another.
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Published 1-29-18        Updated 1-31-18

Andrue D. Cannata  #M53258
6665 State Route 146 East
Vienna, IL 62995

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Illinois DOC

CRIMES:  Aggravated unlawful possession of stolen firearm
DOB:  6-25-87
HEIGHT:  5-foot-7        WEIGHT:  165        EYES:  Blue        HAIR:  Brown
RACE:  White
HOMETOWN:  Woodstock, IL
WANTING TO WRITE:  Gay guys worldwide
HIV/AIDS Negative
OTHER INTEREST:  Cars, books, movies, anything outdoors

COMMENTARY:  Hi guys.  I go by Drue or Andy.  I am one of six children.  My heritage is Italian.  I only
have about 19 months left until I am paroled.  I am looking for someone with whom to connect before I am
released from prison. Whether that be just friends or something more depends on the situation.  I am
not really looking for a long distance relationship, though I can't honestly I would decline one.  Let's start as friends first, OK?  I identify as a
"masculine" gay man, though I do have my moments!  Don't we all!  I absolutely love music.  I can play 28 instruments and I can sing.  Yes, I
can sing well.  I feel I had to say that...haha!  I love to laugh and make other laugh.  I am a smart ass and I love my personality.  I'm extremely
loyal and don't like playing games or have them played on me.  So be yourself.  Don't try to be someone you think I want you to be.  I want you
to be you!  Can't wait to hear from you.