GEORGE A. LEWIS  #1622269
      Michael Unit + 2664 FM 2054
Tennessee Colony, TX  75886
Published 4-15-18
It is my deepest and truest hope that I'm given this opportunity to meet some amazing new
individuals.  I am "new" to this lifestyle and way of living and feel this is what makes such a
beautiful and courageous moment, because we are two mysteries on the path to meeting
someone new to fulfill our heart's desire.  I am truly seeking to meet someone with an outgoing,
down-to-Earth, sweet and loving personality; someone who is a true conversationalist with a
stimulating conversation, genuine, understanding, and someone who has the capability to uphold
the true meaning of the words:  love, loyalty, realness and consistency.

I am here to meet someone I can build with mentally, emotionally, spiritually and educationally,
and just someone I can converse with on all levels of life.  Most of all, I am here to find someone
to "help me" and "push" me to explore my truest self and sexuality.  I need and want that someone
to guide me and allow me to be comfortable in my own skin.  I am sincerely looking for a true
friend, mentor and possibly a significant other; that someone who can take me to new places and
heights in life.  I'm just looking for new companions, happiness and to embrace and enjoy my new
lifestyle and sexuality.

It is essential that I find that person who is willing and ready and eager to please and fulfill, and
have a magnificent man of my caliber in their world.  I'm a true realist.  I'm very intellectual,
open-minded and spontaneous.  I have a great sense of humor and love to laugh.  I have hope
for a better tomorrow and brighter day and better ways.  I have so much to offer whoever comes
in contact with me.

Friendship isn't about who you grew up with or whom you've known the longest.  Rather, it's about
who walked into your life when you least expected it and needed it the most.  A person who says
he's here for you and then goes on to prove it.  Is that you?

I am from Austin, TX and was born on Sept. 12, 1989.  I am 5-foot-8, weigh 179 and have brown
eyes and black hair.  I am HIV/AIDS negative and I do have tattoos.  I am in prison on  drug and
robbery charges.  I am a Virgo and I am into country, rap, R&B and pop.  I like working out,
writing, studying psychology, reading, getting to a business