HDSP + P.O. Box 650
Indian Springs, NV 89018
Published 12-4-15
Updated 12-4-17
Hi!  I am David, but my nickname is Diesel.  I have been incarcerated for the
past 15 years.  I am reaching out with hoped expectations of a chance
encounter with someone brave enough to be my friend.

I am a genuine and kind-hearted man looking for the company of a friend to
make life beautiful again.  Sadly, life passes by now like the scenery outside
a car window.  I breathe and eat and sleep as I always did, but there seems
to be no great purpose in my life that requires active participation on my
part.  I simply drift along like this message in a bottle waiting to be found.

I long for that deeper meaning behind friendship and trust.  Somebody I can
talk to and trust completely.  I miss that wonder of anticipation that makes
life worthwhile.  I invite all serious inquiries and am eager to establishing

Here are some basics about me.  I am here on charges of robbery and
burglary.  I am 6-foot-3, weigh 225 and have brown eyes and auburn hair.  
My heritage is Italian and I am originally from the Bay Area, CA.  My birth
date is 10-20-69 and my star sign is Libra.  I like all genres of music as well
as cooking, working out, photography and spending time with family and
friends.  I am HIV/AIDS negative.