1]  People who are
currently behind bars do
NOT have access to this
chat room.  In fact, only a
few, but growing number
of facilities, do allow
inmates restricted net
access, but probably
never to any type of chat
or message boards.

2]  To the right of each
person who has
commented in chat you
will find the date & time
the chat comment was

3]  You may log on to
chat either by registering
with Chantango or as
anonymous.  If you are
anonymous you chat
handle is ANONXXXX -
The Xs are replaced by a
unique set of 4 numbers.

4]  To see who is online
look at the bottom of the
chat screen in the lower
left corner and it will show
how many users are
online. Click on that and
it will give you a list of the
users in chat.

5]  Click on the chat
room title "Gay Prison
Chat" and that will open
the chat room full screen.