Published 2-10-18
Charles H. Castillo
USP + P.O. Box 1000
Lewisburg, PA 17837
I'm looking for something.

If you fall in love remember it's not real.  I'm locked up.  You'll fall in
love. Fate is real and I'm who you are looking for.  I am the person
who never judges.

Who'll tell you he had that fling and argue just for the make up sex.  I
am the one who ask how you are and really mean it.  Who is so real
he admits he's sometimes full of shit?  Who understand and feels
alone in a room full of friends?  But when we connect you'll be mad
we can't cuddle.  You can't call me out of the blue.  I can't be
surprised by a random gift.  We can't go out and lay on the ground
and stare at the stars in the night sky.

It will never work!

I am a well-rounded guy who was born in New York state, but raised
in both Pennsylvania and Georgia.  I was a standup comic when I
was charged with pimping out a punch line.  The
actual charges are assault and conspiracy to engage in sex

I am in isolation right now for about 10 months so I don't have access
to email.  I can't receive phone calls or visits until I return to the
general population in November, 2018.  

Are you still reading..then you have found me.  

My hometown is Augusta, GA and I was born on 2-8-82.  I am
5-foot-11 and weigh 182 pounds. I am mixed race and have green
eyes and black hair.  My star sign is Aquarius.  I am HIV/AIDS
negative and I don't have tattoos.  

I like pop, rap and country.  I am into writing novels, studying law,
day dreaming about time travel.

I look forward to your letter.