Published 7-5-17
Updated 2-23-18
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BCC + P.O. Box 430
1349 Correctional Center Road
Dillwyn, VA 23936

I've been told my best quality is my personality.  
I'm non-judgmental and that is what I look for in
I am in the early stages of transition, but the
Virginia DOC has blocked me at every turn.  I
refuse to give up my fight.

I am seeking a long-term relationship, but I'm
open to be friends with anyone.  

I can also be contacted by email using  
Don't forget to put your return U.S. postal
address in the body of your email.

I am serving time for capital murder, robbery and
firearms charges.  I was born 6-2-74 in Baltimore,
MD.  I have brown eyes and black hair, weigh
170 at 5-foot-11.  I am a Gemini who is HIV/AIDS
negative and I do have tattoos.  I am into R&B,
country and gospel music.

I will close with this:  I'd rather be hated for who I
am than loved for who I am not.