January 1, 2012

As of today inmates writing to GPUSA and wanting a reply
will only receive a reply if they enclosed an envelope
with a valid 46-cent or Forever U.S. Postal Service stamp.  
 This change is necessary
due to the rising cost of everything, including postage.


December 1, 2010

Beginning this month we began offering "Premiere Pages" for $25.00
allowing those who chose the option their own web page with
expanded information, photographs and such

February 7, 2010
Kentucky Inmates

This week we ended the embargo on accepting listing applications
from Kentucky inmates.  We hope that the extended period of exile from
this web site has taught the Kentucky inmates that
attempting to scam and/or lie our online visitors will not be tolerated. It is unfortunate the genuine gay Kentucky inmates had to suffer
because of a few bad apples.


January 18, 2010
What They Are Seeking

In keeping with the primary mission of this web site, over the next months you will see the designation "Seeking" in each member's listing
changing to "Wanting To Write."  


January 12, 2010
Site Enhancement

In order to provide as much information as is possible, we have begun adding to an inmate's listing here those web site on which the inmate
may have additional information.  If an inmate has information on another web site the link to that site can be found in the "See Him Also"
section of the inmate's listing on this site.


January 8, 2010
Emailing Inmates

Many of our visitors have asked about emailing inmates. Giving into the electronic age and happily a new source of income, many departments
of correction are now allowing either one way or two-way email communications by their inmates.

The procedure and requirements are being administered either by the institution itself or by a third-party company.  In any case, a person in
the free world wishing to use these email services will be required to pay a fee[s].  Below you will find a link to a major player in this field.  We
don't endorse the company, but simply offer the link as a matter of convenience information.  In all cases, your email will face the possibility of
being read by one or more persons who is not the intended recipient, so beware!
The company JPay is the big player in this field.  

The top level of their web site
is here and the company also has a page showing which institutions are serviced in the United States.


November 3, 2009
Fake Gays & Scams

Here at GPUSA it is a continual battle to ward off straight and bisexual men claiming they are gay and to weed out those who wish to scam

In the continuing effort to achieve that goal, we now have in place a new policy.  Every time we receive a request for an application to join this
web site we check it out as much as is possible before sending the inmate an application.  When a completed application is received the
provided information is checked again. Unfortunately, there is no way to 100% guarantee a man is gay.

Those that are found not to be gay are removed from this site and placed on our companion site,
Prisoner World, which is for straight and
bisexual men and women.  Those attempting to scam people are removed permanently from this web site.

Short Stories

GPUSA today began offering premiere listing inmates a new option, the ability to exercise their short story writing skills.  Those members with
existing $10 memberships and those requesting an application are also offered the opportunity.  The total cost for a membership listing plus
short stories is $50 for new members, $40 for regular members and $25 for premiere members.